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The Hawke Brand ™ encompasses training and products created or supported by Mykel Hawke for families and professionals alike, for everyone every day or for taking it to the extreme. Tough, tested and tailored to provide new solutions to timeless challenges from cutting-edge serious to limitless fun!

Mykel Hawke
Hawke Making Fire

The HAWKE BRAND ™ SCHOOL offers customized courses tailored to request and budget in areas such as SURVIVAL, MEDICINE and TEAMBUILDING.

Formerly known as SPECOPS (established by Hawke in 1994 and run for 20 years), the new Hawke school has something for everyone, including extreme ADVENTURES.


Hawke Brand Products

MYKEL HAWKE KNIVES is now part of the new HAWKE BRAND ™ which includes a whole array of products for individuals of all ages, and also families. Many of these are one-of-a-kind designs.

We are excited to be launching the first phase of the new generation knives, products and gear!


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